Euro Stocks widget version 1.5

After the appearance of some gibberish text on the widget, it was inevitably time to update. This is a minor update, just to get things going again.
In addition, user David B. mailed me in September already :S with a helpful addition: the ability to re-sort the stocks, using buttons on the back of the widget. This functionality is now included.

Download version 1.5 of the Euro Stocks widget.

For comments, please go to the Euro Stocks widget’s page!


Note to users who update. Please write down the codes of your indices/stocks/funds before you update! Due to a design decision made earlier (to allow multiple instances of the widget, all with their own preferences) and the fact that Apple doesn’t provide a way to keep the unique widgetID between updates, the preferences of your widget won’t be retained between updates.

Leopard partially brakes Euro Stocks

I’ve been unable to test the Euro Stocks widget on Leopard yet, but through user reports I know the “Done” button on the backside doesn’t appear/work and the chart on the front is too small. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to test the widget myself on Leopard, since my one and only Mac is an iBook 12″ 1.2GHz G4.
If you’d like to apply for testing, please let me now through the comments on this post!
I’m looking into the problem right now and will post an update ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

New version of EuroStocks Widget

Well, I guess one of the most requested features of the widget has now come true: intraday charts. While not as nice-looking as the other charts which are drawn live in canvas, I’ve found a way to blend the standard Yahoo intraday pixelated charts into the widget, without loosing too much eye-candy.
On top of that, I’ve added something that might be more of showoff feature: you can now select to view the risers and fallers of an index instead of the chart.

So, hope you like it, leave a comment on the widget page itself!

Choices. New widgets. New problems.

As you might have noticed by now, there are new versions of the Euro Stocks widget. The old (version 0.6) one has been entirely replaced by version 1.0, which doesn’t share any of the old code (except maybe for the update functionality). It’s been built from ground up. You might wonder why there no longer is an intraday option, why the stock codes have been changed and why the preferences are no longer global. Continue reading Choices. New widgets. New problems.

Custom ISIN Code Trouble

To all of you who are using the EuroStocks Widget for MacOSX and are having trouble using Custom ISIN/Index Codes to track their stocks: I’m sorry, is constantly changing and I can’t find a consistent solution for tracking one particular stock item. The trouble lies in the fact that an ISIN code can be listed at more than one Index and I can’t make up a way to detect which ones that are.

On the other hand I’ve found a couple of other stockrate sources that I might incorporate in a future version of the widget. I can still see EuroStocks to be the super aggregate stocks widget, if only I had more time…

Thank you for your patience and please keep checking for other stocks widgets. Competition will drive all of us to do our best!

Birth of the Euro Stocks widget

Euro Stocks WidgetIt all starts with a request on a forum and before you know it, you’re working on something that doesn’t really interest you (stocks…), but is a darn good challenge.

So, here it is: the Euro Stocks widget. Use it to make some money. Don’t ever forget that it was me who made that easier for you.

Download here


  • Includes the National indices of Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris and the Global indices of Euronext.
  • Intraday and historic charts (in seven steps from one month to ten years) of all aforementioned indices.
  • Risers and fallers of selected index on separate tabs.
  • The amount of information in the chart (grid, previous close, etc.) can be adjusted according to your wishes.
  • You’re able to use a custom ISIN code, to view indices not included in the predefined indices.
  • The widget saves all preferences.