Euro Stocks widget version 1.5

After the appearance of some gibberish text on the widget, it was inevitably time to update. This is a minor update, just to get things going again.
In addition, user David B. mailed me in September already :S with a helpful addition: the ability to re-sort the stocks, using buttons on the back of the widget. This functionality is now included.

Download version 1.5 of the Euro Stocks widget.

For comments, please go to the Euro Stocks widget’s page!


Note to users who update. Please write down the codes of your indices/stocks/funds before you update! Due to a design decision made earlier (to allow multiple instances of the widget, all with their own preferences) and the fact that Apple doesn’t provide a way to keep the unique widgetID between updates, the preferences of your widget won’t be retained between updates.

4 thoughts on “Euro Stocks widget version 1.5”

  1. version 1.5 gedownload , alleen de daggrafiek AEX werkt niet.Bij vorige version 1.4
    bleef deze grafiek tot +/- 12.00h lopen en hield er dan mee op.

  2. Zou het mogelijk zijn om deze widget ook in Euro's beschikbaar te maken? Of een optie toe te voegen voor Euro weergave.

  3. Seem to have lost all my info although the graph works all I have for a company is temp price 100, very strange.

  4. Stock prices / gains / losses (danish market) in the widget, seem to be completely at odds with listings on Danish financial websites ???

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