Euro Stocks widget version o.6

It’s taken some time, but the two most annoying bugs have been taken care of.

The changes: Version 0.6

  • The “Custom ISIN Code” is now properly saved to preferences
  • The widget resizes correctly after a reload/resize when the “Volume” preference is checked.

Wish you happy moneymaking!

9 thoughts on “Euro Stocks widget version o.6”

  1. Great widget, is it possible to set the history start date to a more specific month (e.g. the month in which you bought the stocks, like january 2002)?

    If so, you could precisely see what your own stocks did since the moment you bought them...

    Otherwise, it is the widget I have been missing for a long time, but not anymore, thanks!

  2. Love the widget, just missing a way to customize the funds displayed (as posible in the default Stock widget). Is this upcomming in new versions, that the widget lets you select a set of funds and clicking on a fund will show the detail graph?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  3. I love the widget too, but it seems i have some problem displaying the funds risers and fallers, the display appears all in white and says: "Error: Can't retreive risers/fallers from PSI-20".
    It can be solved?
    The customize of your funds issue it's really relevant. This could make more and more people use this widget. Try to get this in future versions!

    Good luck and i'll be waiting for better work! 😉

  4. I have the same problem as Jorge. Thre is always the message : "error: can't retreive risrs:fallers from cac40"

  5. Jorge, Pascal, thank you for your comment. There has been a change in the Euronext pages which prevents the Risers/Fallers table from being loaded. I'm looking into it!

    Jorge, what exactly is not functioning/not relevant in the Custom ISIN function? I'm aware of the fact that it isn't able to load the graph for ISIN codes that are listed at more than one Index. I will pay more attention to that functionality, but don't know whether I can solve this. Consider it an extra!

  6. Just to tell you that it is a great widget.
    The next version will probably be 'amazing' (c) Steve.
    Thank you Broes.

  7. How can I get stocks listed from Helsinki Stock Exhange?If I change OMHX to custom it is always error....Or can you make a new widget for other stock exhanges? thank you...

  8. The widget worked fine for some time, but then stopped working (Custom BE0003565737: "Error in Chart")...

  9. The new widget is nice, but WHERE IS THE INTRADAY?! I think that when you have a widget for stocks, you like to have a graph with the intraday.
    In the previous widget, the other lines were very useful.
    Thanks to take a look at that.

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