Custom ISIN Code Trouble

To all of you who are using the EuroStocks Widget for MacOSX and are having trouble using Custom ISIN/Index Codes to track their stocks: I’m sorry, is constantly changing and I can’t find a consistent solution for tracking one particular stock item. The trouble lies in the fact that an ISIN code can be listed at more than one Index and I can’t make up a way to detect which ones that are.

On the other hand I’ve found a couple of other stockrate sources that I might incorporate in a future version of the widget. I can still see EuroStocks to be the super aggregate stocks widget, if only I had more time…

Thank you for your patience and please keep checking for other stocks widgets. Competition will drive all of us to do our best!

4 thoughts on “Custom ISIN Code Trouble”

  1. hello, nice helpful widget. is it possible to do currency? like USD to EUR. and then see how (un)glorious a currency is doing. yahoo calls this (USDEUR=X) but this code doesn't work with the widget. or am i just not finding the right way to do it?
    best and thanks for the widget. bavo

  2. It would be great to have cotation for fund using the ISIN code. I do encourage you to pursue in that way.

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