New version of EuroStocks Widget

Well, I guess one of the most requested features of the widget has now come true: intraday charts. While not as nice-looking as the other charts which are drawn live in canvas, I’ve found a way to blend the standard Yahoo intraday pixelated charts into the widget, without loosing too much eye-candy.
On top of that, I’ve added something that might be more of showoff feature: you can now select to view the risers and fallers of an index instead of the chart.

So, hope you like it, leave a comment on the widget page itself!

11 thoughts on “New version of EuroStocks Widget”

  1. Hey Broes,

    De nieuwe widget heeft 1 nadeel, na installatie zijn mijn eerder ingevoerde aandelen weg ;-(
    Verder is het een favoriet onder de F12.

  2. i've been looking around for a european based stock widget for sometime. thanks 🙂

  3. At last a European stocks widget! THANX!
    Request for future features:
    1) Option to display company names not just stock ticker
    2) Percentage changes not just monetary changes
    3) Prettier interface (am happy to do you something contemporary in Photoshop if you'd like)

  4. Hi Broes,

    Great widget - one of my most useful.
    There's only one small thing that could improve it for me - simply one extra tiny tab to give a weekly view. Day can be useful, but often too short.

    happy widgetting ..

    Exmouth, Devon, UK

  5. hi,

    maybe you've noticed, but your widget doesn't look too good on Leopard: the charts smaller than the available space and the "done" button on the preferences side is broken...

  6. Hi,

    Since the latest version, the font size is larger on Tiger. Of course it still works, but I prefere the smaller version. Would it be an idea to let users chose?


  7. Great widget.

    “Nice to have” features would include:

    - To be anble to view the company/index name rather than the ticker
    - To be able to shift the order of the stocks up and down rather than additions always defaulting to the bottom of the list

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