Leopard partially brakes Euro Stocks

I’ve been unable to test the Euro Stocks widget on Leopard yet, but through user reports I know the “Done” button on the backside doesn’t appear/work and the chart on the front is too small. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to test the widget myself on Leopard, since my one and only Mac is an iBook 12″ 1.2GHz G4.
If you’d like to apply for testing, please let me now through the comments on this post!
I’m looking into the problem right now and will post an update ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

15 thoughts on “Leopard partially brakes Euro Stocks”

  1. Hi,
    I really like your Widget! If you like I can help test (or debug) Euro Stocks on Leopard.

    Anyway thanks for your great work!!


  2. Well, I've just updated my widget and I'm livid. All the companies that I had in my old widget have disappeared. What a cr@p update - I won't be using this widget again. C'mon - what sort of update doesn't retain all the settings that the previous one held. I spent months updating the stocks of various companies - all to be wiped out by a simple update - utterly useless, what a waste of time.

  3. After the update I found on your site today, the widget works fine in Leopard. Concerning your iBook: I'm running Leopard on a PowerBook G4 1,33GHz, 1GB RAM, and that works fluently!

  4. @Stewart: I understand your sentiment, but please allow me to explain. First, I should've warned you (the user) that the preferences wouldn't be retained.
    Second, this behaviour actually comes from an earlier design decision (albeit arguably a bad one). I had to choose between either allowing the user to open up multiple "instances" of the widget, all with their own preferences. Or to save the preferences for only one instance of the widget, so preferences would be retained between updates. This all is due to a (in my opinion) flawed design of the Dashboard on Apple's part. Every instance of a widget receives a unique ID from the Dashboard, which is retained between restarts/logoffs/logins but not (and I'd like to emphasize: not) between updates of the same widget. This means that I (as speaking from the widget's point of view) haven't got a clue at the time I'm started for the first time after an update, whether I've existed before, what my unique ID would've been and whether there are related preferences.
    I haven't found a solution yet that allows for both (multiple instances and retaining preferences between updates) to work.
    I've now included a warning note on the download page, which came too late for you, but might help other people.

    @Steven: good to know that it works, I might consider upgrading in the near future!

  5. I just installed version 1.4 on Leopard and everything works fine!

  6. Great peice of software. Congratulations.
    Something weird happened recently. Eurostocks worked fine untill Three days ago, where some of the daily charts do not work anymore on stocks, whereas it seem to work on indexes.

  7. thx again for the great widget, i have it now running on the IPHONE!
    can you tell me where the symbol names are stored as on the iphone with the i symbol is missing so that i can not within the widget edit new symbols to the default list (APPL, ABN, ING)
    btw do you know how i can get 24hour quotes for the S&p500 index. i subscribed to yahoos realtime feeds but i can not use this in your application 🙂

  8. Hi, I really find this useful, thanks for writing it. Yes, I do find a bug in Leopard. Once you have more than about 10 stocks listed, #10 does not display a chart. From that point on, any item you select displays the chart for the item above. ie if I select stock 12 in the list, it will display the chart for stock 11. At the bottom of the list, sometimes it looks ok, sometimes it displays the last stock twice, sometimes it displays 'Temp' with value 100.0.

  9. Great widget.

    "Nice to have" features would include:

    - To be anble to view the company/index name rather than the ticker
    - To be able to shift the order of the stocks up and down rather than additions always defaulting to the bottom of the list

  10. Hello there, was already noticed that when a stockname (e.g. NL0000289783EUR) is too long, the price is not visiblle anymore? live tested ;-p) thanks! Gg

  11. Is it possible to add a ticker for the crude oil price and for the Euro/Dollar exchange rate? What ticker would that be? Thanks!

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