Birth of the Euro Stocks widget

Euro Stocks WidgetIt all starts with a request on a forum and before you know it, you’re working on something that doesn’t really interest you (stocks…), but is a darn good challenge.

So, here it is: the Euro Stocks widget. Use it to make some money. Don’t ever forget that it was me who made that easier for you.

Download here


  • Includes the National indices of Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris and the Global indices of Euronext.
  • Intraday and historic charts (in seven steps from one month to ten years) of all aforementioned indices.
  • Risers and fallers of selected index on separate tabs.
  • The amount of information in the chart (grid, previous close, etc.) can be adjusted according to your wishes.
  • You’re able to use a custom ISIN code, to view indices not included in the predefined indices.
  • The widget saves all preferences.

NL Weerradar widget update no2

Guess I’ll have to be keeping up with “the internet”. changed their page today and that stopped the widget from loading the image of the current rainfall correctly.
Furthermore I thought that I had put saving and retrieving of preferences for size and source in the last release. It however happened to be only in my own development version.

Nevertheless, it all works now, including the preferences, please don’t hate me for updating it so quickly (blame!) and stay dry!

Download here. [Changelog]

NL Weerradar widget update

NL Weerradar widgetThe NL Weerradar widget has been updated again! It now includes data from, in addition to the already supported data. Just pick another data source and the widget will smoothly resize to the new image size.

Download it now!


Version 1.3:

  • Updatecheck fixed
  • Added as source

Version 1.2:

  • The interface has undergone a facelift.
  • The widget can be resized to two predefined sizes: large and small.
  • It now features an update check.
  • User-friendly error messages are displayed when the widget isn’t able to connect to the image server.
  • The widget now tries to retrieve the image three consecutive times. When it can’t find the newest radar image, it will try to fetch one from fifteen minutes earlier.

Just starting up

Hey and welcome! As you can see this site is just starting up… Guess I’ll need to put a big “Under Construction” sign here, which is of course “so 90’s”. So I won’t.
If you came here for the photo’s of the Milano furniture fair that were hosted here, too bad. They’re no longer here and they won’t be again. then here they are!

When you’re looking for the NL Weerradar widget for MacOSX, just follow this link, it’ll bring you right to it!