NL Weerradar widget update

NL Weerradar widgetThe NL Weerradar widget has been updated again! It now includes data from, in addition to the already supported data. Just pick another data source and the widget will smoothly resize to the new image size.

Download it now!


Version 1.3:

  • Updatecheck fixed
  • Added as source

Version 1.2:

  • The interface has undergone a facelift.
  • The widget can be resized to two predefined sizes: large and small.
  • It now features an update check.
  • User-friendly error messages are displayed when the widget isn’t able to connect to the image server.
  • The widget now tries to retrieve the image three consecutive times. When it can’t find the newest radar image, it will try to fetch one from fifteen minutes earlier.

3 thoughts on “NL Weerradar widget update”

  1. Very nice!
    One remark; The widget doesn't store the config settings. After a reboot or logout/login it reverts to the default settings.

  2. Hoi Broes,

    Kwam uit op de site via via!
    Omdat ik opzoek was naar mensen die widgets maken....
    zou je mij eens willen mailen dan kan ik het een en ander aan je vragen.

    mvg Daan

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