NL Weerradar widget version l.5

In short, the changes:
Version 1.5:

  • Again: the current rainfall of stopped working correctly after a change of their online page, now fixed.
  • Fixed small bug where the update check and the retrieval of the information could get in each other’s way.

Hope it’ll be working for a bit longer now.

3 thoughts on “NL Weerradar widget version l.5”

  1. Don't understand this widget. does never update. I now still have the one from 13u10 of 24 november (yesterday!). That is about the time I rebooted my computer yesterday and viewed the dashboard for the first time (dashboard widgets loads). The widget never reloads the cached graphic it seems. Worthless like this I would want to state.

  2. I have the same problem as Jochem.
    It is a very nice widget but I really like the weather of today instead of the first visit 😉

  3. Well, the "problem" is that the site keeps changing. They have "protected" their pages using a random ID, which makes it impossible to just load the rainfall image. As long as they don't make fundamental changes to their pages, all works fine. But they seem to like updating as much as, well, as I do I guess... 😉

    So, another update is on its way...

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