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Note to users who update. Please write down the codes of your indices/stocks/funds before you update! Due to a design decision made earlier (to allow multiple instances of the widget, all with their own preferences) and the fact that Apple doesn’t provide a way to keep the unique widgetID between updates, the preferences of your widget won’t be retained between updates. I’m currently looking for a way to allow both (multiple instances and between-update-preferences).

The Euro Stocks widget.
Current version: 1.7
Download the widget here.
«Source available on GitHub»
Requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or higher (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion).
Euro Stocks widget

  • All stocks, funds and indices that are featured on Yahoo! Finance can be shown.
  • Shows the current value, the absolute change or the relative change.
  • Can show you the highest risers and lowest fallers of any index.
  • Shows you the chart of the intraday results, of last month, three months, six months, one year, two years or five years. When available.

Version 1.7

  • Fixed deprecated Yahoo Finance URLs for data retrieval.
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements. See Github for all commits.

Version 1.6

  • Fixed deprecated Yahoo Finance URLs for data retrieval.
  • Fixed intraday chart to use new format.
  • Improved vertical grid label significance for values below 100.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed gibberish text: Yahoo Finance changed an URL.
  • Added: as contributed by user David B., a “move up/down” button on the back of the widget, to re-sort the existing stocks. Thanks David!

Version 1.4

  • Changed uppercase to lowercase on front (to allow longer names)
  • Fixed chart for Leopard
  • Fixed fetching some stocks/funds that wouldn’t load (now using UK instead of global Yahoo! source)
  • Known issue: “Done” button on back might appear wrong in Leopard

Version 1.2

  • Added intraday chart.
  • Added Risers/Fallers for indices.

Version 1.1

  • Removed unnecessary input filter, any stock can be added now.
  • The widget saves its preferences for every instance of itself. This means you can have as many instances of the widget opened at once as you like, they’ll all remember their settings.
  • Warning! Because of the abovementioned “preferences by instance” the widget has to be reconfigured the first time it is used.

In this screencast I’ll show you how you can use the widget. Have fun!
(Click to start playing)

You can find the original Euro Stocks widget here.

145 thoughts on “Euro Stocks Widget”

  1. Thanks very much, I found Euro Stocks yesterday, now I can see my stocks and share in one place. It is à useful work

    Merci beaucoup

  2. Hi Broes, Eurostocks Widget

    Good widget but pls find a way of turning off the update dialogue that appears over the top of the widget when an update is available.
    Could you add an extra selection - such as 'Thanks - I'll do it later (don't tell me again)'

    Otherwise the Widget is spoiled until the user is forced to take the update.
    It feels like bad old Microsoft style design - sorry. Everything else is top class.


    Paul Ives
    Exmouth, Devon

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for a nice widget, i would like some way to be able to reorder/sort my stock codes by using a combination of up+down arrow keys/sort button. Otherwise keep up the good work!


  4. Hello,
    very good widget.
    i have installed for my father. Very easy to use.

    But can i suggest that we can assign a name to the value we want to follow.

    EXAMPLE:i want to follow SUEZ broke value. But for my father, SZE.PA isn't very easy to read. He will prefer toread the real name SUEZ instead of the code.

    May be for another version ?


  5. Hi Broes
    I'm new in the financial market.
    Would you please tell me what does all these words mean :
    ^aex,, ^ftse...
    Please tell me where i can find easily this type of information.
    Thank you

  6. Hi,

    Really fantastic widget !

    As said by many people before, a label or name instead of the financial code would be really appreciate since it is more clear when you're watching many stocks (you don't know exactly wich code is wich company)

    The idea for the reordering stocks feature is great too (I miss it).

    Congratulations for this great job !

  7. Please let me know how I can get the coding for paris stock excha

  8. Congratulations! Excellent widget and very useful.

    As a suggestion, it would be great if one could name the stocks. After adding several stocks, from different markets I sometimes lose my self with the codes...

    Once again, congratulations and thank you for this widget.

  9. I loved the old version and was happy to go to the new one but I'm having problems with it...when I trigger the dashboard I find that some stocks are repeated (with different prices for the same stock!!) and some are missing. Sometimes if I exit dashboard and re-enter it goes back to being correct. But sometimes it doesn' is very frustrating. Any idea how I can resolve this? Anyone else having the same problem? I am using Mac OS 10.5.5.


  10. Love the widget. A suggestion: Increase the contrast in colors between the selected stock (the one that the graph shows) and the others. It's hard to tell right now which is active.

  11. Ugh, the new release looks buggy. It's got an extra big turquoise-colored rectangle around it, mostly on the bottom (I have only two stocks showing), and the top of the graph is still covered by the stock names. Leopard with all updates applied.

  12. There seems to be a bug in v 1.4. When I bring up Dashboard, the initial display of the widget is gibberish. If I click on one of the listings, it resets.

  13. The gibberish only appears to have started in the last few days. I suspect a problem with good ol' Yahoo rather than the widget itself. (It's nice to discover that I'm not the only one seeing this, though!)

  14. I've been having the gibberish problem, too. I don't remember when I first downloaded the stock tracking widget, and it usually works well. But lately, sometimes, instead of coming up with ticker symbols and prices, the widget comes up with html code splashed all over it. When that happened last night, I tried (Command-R) refreshing the widget. This has worked in the past to fix the problem, but last night it appears to have caused my latest kernel panic. I'm not blaming the widget—I've been having a lot of kernel panics lately, and they can get triggered by anything from putting a DVD in the optical drive, to inserting a thumb drive into the USB port on the tower's front, to launching Dashboard from an Exposé corner. I'm using Tiger 10.4.11 on a dual 2.7 GHz G5.

  15. [disclaimer]I understand that this is free and that a person really doesn't have the right to complain about something they didn't pay for. I'm only commenting to make the developer aware of an issue he/she may want to address in the future[/disclaimer]

    Not thrilled that the update completely replaced the old version instead of, well, just updating it. Now I have to "rebuild" my portfolio. Kinda inconvenient.

    Other than that, hats off.

  16. @Darthhillbilly

    I'm fully aware of the issue, but haven't found a way around it yet. Also see the note at the top of this page (which has been there for about a year now).
    It comes down to the choice:

    * Multiple instances: more than one copy of the widget can be opened, without overwriting the preferences of other copies. Preferences will be lost on update.
    * One instance: every copy of the widget overwrites the preferences of all copies. Preferences however will be retained on update.

    I've chosen to go for allowing "Multiple instances".

    I still think this is a major fault on Apple's behalf and I've written to them about this multiple times. No answer, though.
    You might wonder why I think this is Apple's fault? Well, just observe what happens when you have multiple instances/copies of a widget active in your Dashboard and you "update" it. They're all replaced by one instance. And this one "instance" has an entirely new "widget ID", the ID that is used to store the preferences on a per-instance basis. No chance you'll be able to retrieve those old preferences.

    So, if you really would like to see this work different, send some feedback to Apple. In the meantime, I'll try to find a solution that works around this error.

  17. Upgraded from v1.4 to v1.5 - doesn't work now with my stocks (SBRY - J Sainsbury, DGO - Dragon Oil, SL - Standard Life). Can I go back to v1.4? Or am I missing something?


  18. Thanks for a great widget.

    However, I will encourage you to look into a problem with certain stocks that has long names and high quotes.

    Example: MAERSK-B.CO quoted at about 31000 right now.

    The text simply don't fit as the width of the widget is too small. Another widget doing pretty much the same as this one seem to cause the same problems.

  19. Hey,

    Thanks for this widget, it's great.

    Do you have any idea why some of the intraday charts aren't working anymore. It seems the data is actually there, but the scale is much too small, going from 0 to a little above the current price, which means everything is cramped up at the top. Happens for example with ubsn.vx or nesn.vx.

  20. ver. 1.5 on my Tiger (10.4.11) MacBook doesn't retain the stocks I add when I quit the widget and restart. It reverts back to the default aapl, ^aex, and ^ftse. I can see in my ~/Library/Preferences that widget-eu.broes.widget.eurostocks.plist gets updated with my list of stocks while the widget is running and when I quit it. However, the next time I start the widget, the plist file gets overwritten with the defaults, obliterating the previously saved list of stocks.

  21. Congratulations Broes on a fantastic widget. Just updated and loving the new up/down order function.

    Thanks again!

  22. Is it possible to check the currency exchanges using this widget? I have looked for the code but cant find it? Any help? I want GBP/EUR is possible.

  23. I am tracking EURJPY=X, but the widget can only display a chart for 1 day, 2 years and 5 years. All other (for me more useful) options don't work and produce the report "chart not available". Why is that? Yahoo finance can perfectly display the charts.

  24. @Frank
    As you can see on

    In the left-side menu, there is no option "Historical prices" (as there is for other items, like e.g. "TOM2.AS"). This option is used by the widget, not directly, but the underlying CSV file download option. It just doesn't exist for (most of the) currency rates. The data it receives for the 2y and 5y options in the widget is corrupt, but the widget can't detect that.
    The Yahoo charts are all "bitmap" charts, but apart from the 1day chart in the widget, the rest of the charts are drawn "live" in the widget. This essentially means that the widget, apart from the 1day/intraday chart, downloads a list of values and creates the chart itself.

    So my apologies, but at this time the widget will not be able to provide you with the data you need, since Yahoo doesn't provide the "historical prices" option for currencies.

  25. Thanks for the explaination. Too bad, but not your fault. I was hoping there is a way to display the data as in the interactive chart. There the data is available.

    Btw, thanks for the great widget.

  26. The Euro Stocks widget seems te be frozen. I can not do anything with it, not even cmd-R works. I already deleted the .plist and downloaded fresh widgets. What to do?

  27. Hi Broes. It seems like something has been changed in Yahoo making the kurves at the bottom invalid. The values for many of the stocks are simply not the correct value. The numeric values shows correctly.

    Anything I can do to correct?

    ...thank you


  28. Hi, thanks for the widget. A list of suggestions:

    * when entering a stock, map the return key to the Add button and ensure the text field for the stock name is reselected (will make it easier to enter multiple stocks)
    * reselect the stock when you move it up or down (easily allows you to move it a number of locations)
    * display stock price and price change to tens of cents (many stocks only change by a fraction of a cent, but this information is currently lost)
    * set background colour for stocks whose price has not changed to blue, for example, not green (then green will only indicate stocks that have risen)

    However, I like it. It messed things up when I entered my stocks, but was able to re-enter them okay. Keep up the good work.

  29. Hi again,

    I have been using the widget some more and have it running next to the Apple stocks widget.

    The Apple widget also truncates stock prices to the nearest cent (Grrrr), however the calculations in the change in price seem to be performed on the RAW data, but the EuroStock widget seems to calculate this after the truncation. For example a stock opened at 0.044, dropped to 0.4 (I checked this from the exchange listing). The Apple widget reports a drop in price of 10%; the EuroStock widget says a change of 0% That is quite a difference. It looks like the 0.044 is first rounded to 0.04 then compared to the opening price.

    I hope this helps.

  30. Hello and thank You very much for this very nice and useful widget.
    I have two observations:
    - I think it would be nice to have a weekly chart
    - It would be interesting if stocks would sort automatically according to the change in percent: from the highest positive percent change (on top) to the lowest (on bottom). This way you could have at a glance a first impression of the general move of the followed stocks.

    Nice work indeed. Keep going!
    hvala, merci
    alex, serbia

  31. great widget ..... but the fact I can't delete is a nuisance. Is there a solution?

  32. I was pleased to find this great widget as the standard Mac widget has stopped validating the tickers for any stocks. However, even though this widget displays the correct price, the change does not seem to reflect the movement for the day for stocks. It works for indices but not stocks - any ideas? Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  33. Regarding my earlier query, the problem seems to be with Yahoo! Finance being wrong. Is there a way of changing the source to, for example, Google? Many thanks.

  34. @Graham:
    Right now, the widget is built around Yahoo Finance as a source. Hooking it up to Google would require a fair bit of work. I'll look into what happened and see whether I can find some time to fix it.
    Anyway, I appreciate your feedback!

  35. Same issue with Yahoo Finance! Very annoying. There site has been showing wrong Previous Days Close for a few weeks now. How can we get them to sort it?

  36. Can anyone help me fix this - since yesterday all my tickers have been replaced with TEMP with a price of 100 and a change of 10?
    Many thanks

  37. @Graham, @Jean and others with "TEMP 100.00 10.00" showing up.
    I'll have a look at it this weekend, it probably has something to do with Yahoo having changed something in their datafeed (which is a comma separated download). Might have to change to their (or Google's) XML feeds.

  38. Same problem here. Temp 100.00 - change 10.00

    Console message: 28/01/11 14.54.32 DashboardClient[272] -[WebUndefined callWebScriptMethod:withArguments:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x115761200

    ...but only on one of our macs. The other is still fine. Same version (1.5) Euro stocks. Same OS - both Intels...

    US stocks also not working on the mac with this issue. The charts seems to be online and indicates correct prices.

  39. @Borbye
    Well, one tip: don't reload the widget or restart your Mac :S. That's when the "TEMP 100.00 10.00" labels will start to appear.

  40. Ahh, thank you Broes. Well - the working widgets seems to give unreliable data anyway. They are green today which is definitiely not the case in the real world..

  41. Could you please help. My Euro Stock widget stopped working. The stocks appear on the back but when I turn it over it just says: Temporary 100. Apple is the only stock that appears, but its at 187. Is there some way to fix this?

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