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Note to users who update. Please write down the codes of your indices/stocks/funds before you update! Due to a design decision made earlier (to allow multiple instances of the widget, all with their own preferences) and the fact that Apple doesn’t provide a way to keep the unique widgetID between updates, the preferences of your widget won’t be retained between updates. I’m currently looking for a way to allow both (multiple instances and between-update-preferences).

The Euro Stocks widget.
Current version: 1.7
Download the widget here.
«Source available on GitHub»
Requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or higher (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion).
Euro Stocks widget

  • All stocks, funds and indices that are featured on Yahoo! Finance can be shown.
  • Shows the current value, the absolute change or the relative change.
  • Can show you the highest risers and lowest fallers of any index.
  • Shows you the chart of the intraday results, of last month, three months, six months, one year, two years or five years. When available.

Version 1.7

  • Fixed deprecated Yahoo Finance URLs for data retrieval.
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements. See Github for all commits.

Version 1.6

  • Fixed deprecated Yahoo Finance URLs for data retrieval.
  • Fixed intraday chart to use new format.
  • Improved vertical grid label significance for values below 100.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed gibberish text: Yahoo Finance changed an URL.
  • Added: as contributed by user David B., a “move up/down” button on the back of the widget, to re-sort the existing stocks. Thanks David!

Version 1.4

  • Changed uppercase to lowercase on front (to allow longer names)
  • Fixed chart for Leopard
  • Fixed fetching some stocks/funds that wouldn’t load (now using UK instead of global Yahoo! source)
  • Known issue: “Done” button on back might appear wrong in Leopard

Version 1.2

  • Added intraday chart.
  • Added Risers/Fallers for indices.

Version 1.1

  • Removed unnecessary input filter, any stock can be added now.
  • The widget saves its preferences for every instance of itself. This means you can have as many instances of the widget opened at once as you like, they’ll all remember their settings.
  • Warning! Because of the abovementioned “preferences by instance” the widget has to be reconfigured the first time it is used.

In this screencast I’ll show you how you can use the widget. Have fun!
(Click to start playing)

You can find the original Euro Stocks widget here.

145 thoughts on “Euro Stocks Widget”

  1. I very much liked your Intraday option!
    Will it return?

    Groet, Jos

  2. It will return in the Euro Stocks Chart widget, which will be updated soon. The Euro Stocks Chart will be the descendant of the original Euro Stocks widget.

  3. Great widget, love it !

    Problems : I follow some stocks/indices that don't want to get inserted, exemples :

    - ^GSPTSE (Toronto Index)
    - ATD-B.TO (on the Toronto Index (.TO), the problem I think is that the "-" is not accepted in the name of the stock.

    Suggestions :

    1) With lots of stocks, couldn't we specify a number of columns on which to display the stocks. You could then also enlarge the graph at the bottom to span all the columns. Because, with a lot of stocks, the widget gets bigger than the screen from top to bottom !!!

    2) Manual re-ordering of the stocks in the list !

    3) Code and Name, so you have the code to get the stock from the Web, and the Name to display in the widget.

    That's it for now.



  4. I have downloades the new v.1.0 but cannot ]realize hoiw is functions. For exemple I pit as on version 0.6 : CAC 40 ( for the french stock indice, click Add and nothing happens ( error in request). I try with APPL ( Apple) and same nmessage !!

  5. Dear Broes,

    Your widget looks the part! Congratulations on the new GUI and functionality. I have just upgraded and am realy pleased with the configurability of the new version. However, I am unable to include the fund MFWGWMA.L, which is the EURO version of MFWGW.L (DOLLAR). Maybe something to look at for the new next release?

    Edwin Schouten.

    I'm also looking forward to the intraday chart!

  6. Small update: the fund MFWGW.L (DOLLAR) is accepted as fund by the widget, but when clicking on the fund to get the chart I get "Error in request". Both funds aren't working.

  7. Dear Broes,

    This new version is great!

    Now i can finally see all my national and international stocks and funds (dutch) in 1 place!! Great!!

    Congratulations on this perfect widget..

    Been looking for this for a long time.....



  8. In reply to the questions above (in no particular order):
    It looks like I've made a mistake in preventing "wrong" codes to be added. I assumed that they all would be of the form ^abcde.fghij and as such filter some out. I'll take the filter out.
    It had passed my mind to make the widget "multiple instance able", I just thought no-one would ever add so many stocks the widget would be too large. So, I guess I need to add that too...
    Manual re-ordering is something for the future, don't expect that very soon!
    Code and Name, same story, wait and see!

  9. Congratulations and many thanks - Great widget!
    Is it possible to add a widget with a similar functionality for warrants of citigroup (in german "Optionsscheine")?
    I would love to have that, too!

  10. Try to enter ^STOXX50E for DJ EURO STOXX 50 - but Euro Stocks won't accept numbers? Thanks Martin

  11. Hi just downloaded your widget for the wirst time. I have Apple sticks inside, but unfortunately the price is only given in dollars. Is there no way to show it in euro. I mean the widget calls itself "euro stocks"

  12. great widget-thank you!

    It would be good if I could insert numbers in the add-field. R6C.F is the Code for RoyalDutch/Shell in Frankfurt for example, but it doesn't take it.

  13. Can anyone please tell me how to add a London Stock exchange stock. For example Northern Rock which is NRK.

  14. @John: Go to and search for NRK. Bingo: "NRK.L" Works like a charm! Happy moneymaking!

    @Nico: I won't add a dollar to euro conversion as I don't see any logic in converting an U.S. listed stock' value to Euros. The widget is named "Euro Stocks" for the sole reason that is able to display just that: European listed stocks and indices (and incidentally U.S. listed stocks too).

  15. Thanks, works fine. Is there any chance in the future to be able to add quantities of shares held to be able to see an instant value to your portfiolio?
    Thanks again

  16. Thanks that works fine.
    Is there any chance in the future to be able to add quantities of stocks held to enable an instant portfolio valuation?
    Thanks again

  17. Thank you Broes for your reply, but I Apple is also traded on european stock-markets. I mean not only is there the listing of the US Stock but every stock-makret are trading there own, for example drankfurt, xetra etc. I think it makes sense coz I usually check for my Apple Stcoks which I bought, and I bought them in Euro so I can see on the spot how my stocks perform.

  18. Beste,
    Kan iemand mij zeggen hoe je deze kan invoeren in de widget aub ?


    Mij lukt het niet.
    Met de vorige versie lukte het wel.

    Met dank voor uw tijd,

  19. I tried to get CRES (Crescent Hydropolis) listed at London Stock Exchange but it says "error in request". What´s that supposed to mean?

  20. For all questions concerning stocks that don't work: please go to and search for the stock you'd like to see. For instance:
    FR0010451203 is RXL.PA
    Crescent Hydropolis (literal search!) is CRES.L

    Et cetera

  21. It would be a nice feature that we can add 'labels' for each line 'cause the real name isn't so easy to remember when you're watching a lot of lines...

  22. Hi,

    This is the first widget I try to install with Yahoo Widget XP.

    Can anyone tell me how to proceed with the downloaded files ?



  23. Hi Et cetera,

    thank you for your support. Good hint. Working now perfect.


  24. Hi,

    I got a problem with this new version (v 0.6 was great...). Well, when I settle the widget with my own stocks, it works well (still no intradays but, soon maybe...).

    BUT when I quit the widget and reload it later, i found the first list, pre-loaded after the first install. Is there a way to save my preferences somewhere or is it a bug ?



  25. Thanks for this widget, great for keeping an eye on my totally worthless stock options!
    Downloaded the latest version and Stuffit tells me "the archive may be damaged." Tried downloading again with the same result. Any help welcome.

  26. Thanks ALOT. I've been waiting for a french quote widget for soooo long ... It always make me very upset that Apple did not provide it within Mac OS X.

    (I tried Yahoo widget but it didn't convince me).

    I also like the previous version and the indice graphics. You should provide make a fork for it I think.

    Note that some stocks need an extension to work =>

  27. Hi,

    Thx for you great job with this widget. BTW I still have a little problem with it.

    When I settle the widget with my own stocks, it works well (still no intradays but soon maybe…).

    BUT when I quit the widget and reload it later, i found the first list, pre-loaded after the first install. Is there a way to save my preferences somewhere or is it a bug ?



  28. @Olivier

    The behaviour of the widget is to save its preferences "per instance". This means that you can open multiple copies of it and configure any copy of it at will, without influencing the preferences of the other opened copies. However, this means that when you actually close or quit a copy, its preferences are removed.
    So, at this time, the way to keep your preferences is by not closing the widget.
    This was typically a situation where one solution creates a new problem, I've made the widget "multiple instance-able" while losing the ability to save its preferences globally.

    Second, you say you have no intraday charts? Are you sure you are now running version 1.2 of the widget? You can find this by going to the back of the widget and selecting/deselecting the "Check for updates".
    The intraday chart is fetched by selecting "1d" from the popup selection bar when you enter the graph area with your mouse (see the screencast above).

    Hope this helps, I'm always trying to improve the widget. I'll see what I can do with saving the widgets preferences through quits and reloads.

  29. Absolutely excellent widget, I've been waiting for ages for something that shows FTSE prices. 🙂 Can I make a suggestion that a little space is added between the time scale selector and the top of the chart as it currently covers the chart when you hover over it.

    i.e. you can't view different charts without moving mouse up and down each time to reveal the new chart.

  30. Yes, this is a very great widget.
    I have it on my screen the whole day using the dashboard developer mode.

    I would be happy though if the widget would update the data on a regular basis (once every x minutes). As it is, I have to click around so that it updates its data which really is quit a pity.

    Otherwise it works perfectly.

  31. @Gary:
    I know the interface isn't quite optimised yet. I was already thinking of dropping the popup selection bar and including it statically like in the Apple Stocks widget. Just wait and see... 🙂

    That (regular updating) is what is kinda "not allowed" according to the Dashboard development guidelines. A widget should only become active and update upon Dashboard activation and should return to a state of sleep when hiding Dashboard. The way you're using it is more like an application.
    However, I'd seen the same problem when developing it, that's why it updates all data (chart or risers/fallers and rates) when you click on any stock item (even the currently selected item).

  32. It is a great widget!

    But after every update I have to re-enter the list of my stocks. It would be fine when the stock list can be kept.

  33. Is there a widget that will take current stock values and work out the total value of your stocks by taking into account how many you have?

  34. Hi,

    Very nice Widget! As I saw in the previous replies, a name instead of code would be great. Even manual input of the name would be enough (it's not like I add dozens of items every day!)

  35. Hi, Very very useful; why don't you do a Symbian version of your Widget. I think it would be useful also to have the possibility to add the amount and the price of the stocks so to have the calculation of the increase in value (% and number).

  36. Hi,

    cool Widget. But one thing would great! As Pierre said, a name instead of the code would be fine.


  37. Hi,
    how can I adjust the width of the widge ?

    Some of my stock names are too long and they overlap into the stock value.


  38. At last a European stocks widget! THANX!
    Request for future features:
    1) Option to display company names not just stock ticker
    2) Percentage changes not just monetary changes
    3) Prettier interface

  39. Very nice widget. But Leopard breaks it a little bit. When running it under Leopard the chart will be displayed much smaller than before in Tiger. Like 30-40% of the normal size. Very strange.

  40. i'd like to go back to version 1.2 please can you either email it to me, or make it available for download on the site again. i'm sure the implementation for Leopard is required, but version 1.4 on os x 10.4.11 is now no longer showing one of my stocks and i am not keen on the implementation of lower case text. just giving some feedback, not complaints. i love this little widget (just loved version 1.2 more....... )

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